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The film "Skydancer" by Katja Esson is a feature length documentary that takes a provocative look at Indian life in the 21st Century.  The Skydancer Soundtrack Album was released in 2011 in sync with the release of the film.  Below are 3 pieces of music I composed for the film. I was also the music supervisor for the project and it was a pleasure to work with Bear Fox, Happy, Jerry Thundercloud McDonald, and Matthias Falkenau.  In creating the music I drove up to the Akwesasne Indian Reservation in upstate NY and met with Bear Fox, recording here song "Iron Working Hubby".  I also invited Jerry Thundercloud to come down to SubStation Studio to record rattles, flute, drums and singing.  All these sounds and songs were woven together to create the music for "Skydancer".

When the Skydancer was nominated for best foreign doc at the Shanhai TV and Film festival I went to represent the film.

Here is a scene from the film featuring first my piece entitled "Sparrow", then music by Matthias Falkenau.


Skydancer Soundtrack

by Robby Baier

Released 6/15/2011
Soultube Music
Released 6/15/2011
Soultube Music

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