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Song: Let Us Know
From: Stuttgart, Germany


This song was written by my mother, Sibylle Baier in 2007 for Wim Wender's film "Palermo Shooting". I produced the song and played the supporting instruments and sang back ground vocals. It made it onto the soundtrack CD for the film. Sibylle is fairly well known around the world now due to her incredible record "Colour Green". Kind of a cool story... "Color Green" was recorded in Sibylle's bedroom in Stuttgart, Germany between 1970-1973 and I mixed it in 2004 at SubStation Studio. It was then released on my label "Soultube Records" in an original pressing of just 100 cd's. These were handed out to friends and family at Sibylle's 60th birthday party, held at the Dream Away Lodge in Becket MA. One of these cd's made it into the hands of my friend Cassis who passed it on to Jay Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. He came by the station, we talked a bit about the record and then he kindly offered to pass it on to Orange Twin Records in GA. The rest is history. It has now gone on to sell around 20,000 records and is still going strong. In 2008 Sibylle and I recorded 3 of her new songs, one of which was custom written for Wim Wender's film "Palermo Shooting". You can hear it on the soundtrack cd, plus I posted it on her site.

About the music... In a particularly dark and moody period of her young life, Claudine, a friend of Sibylle's, dragged her out from under the bed and took her on a road trip to Strasbourg, ending up across the Alps in Genoa. Upon the return from this trip Sibylle felt her spirits renewed and she set out to write the song "Remember the Day", grateful for being alive. It was the first song she ever wrote. Her music is simply amazing in it's intimacy and closeness. Recorded in the late 70's in her home on a reel to reel recording device, the songs on "Color Green" are intimate portraits of life's sad and fragile beauty. It is a gem of an album that will blow your mind. Sibylle is a star who chose to shine for her friends and family instead of the whole world. 

Song: I Will Find You Under Snow
From: Netherlands


Kim Janssen was 18 years old when he came to work with me in 2008. He is a very talented and dedicated writer and musician who came into the studio prepared with scores and charts, ready to commit to his vision. It was a pleasure to work with him and his songs are among the my favorite recordings I have ever made. The record we made is called "The Truth Is I Am Always Responsible" and it got him signed to Folkloren, a label based in the Netherlands.  Local musicians that worked on the album included Jon Suters on bass, Connor Mehan on Drums and Jeff Stevens on Trumpet. Thanks to Lance LaBreche of Rocket Garage for putting Kim and I in touch!

Song: Stoned Beautiful
From: Boulder, CO



The Title track is off of Reed Foehl's 2007 album "Stoned Beautiful" 2007. This song was written by Reed Foehl & Wes Hutchinson and was recorded along with the other tracks on the album during a 2 week process here at SubStation. A Red Parlor Records release, "Stoned Beautiful" was produced by Jerry Krenach who also played drums on the record. On this song you can hear me play Mandolin.  Most tracks where recorded with Reed playing guitar and singing at the same time while Jerry played our vintage 60's Ludwig set in the other room. It was a pleasure to work with those guys!

Song: Wonderful
From: Brooklyn, NY


Technicolor Lenses are regulars here at the studio. They come up from Brookly to join their band mate and SubStationStudio producer Jackson Whalan. Primarily using Ableton the bands' music comes to life with the incredible live drum performances by Brandon Lewis, lifting their blend of Electronica Hip-Hop above the rest of the loop based music makers. Band members include rapper lyricist Jackson Whalan, producer/guitarist Sam Eckstein (Esseks), drummer Brandon Lewis, and vocalist/percussionist Carmen Estevez. All four members collaborate, producing evocative instrumentals while injecting into the tracks their own unique elements. 


Song: Living the Good Life
From: The Berkshires, MA



Tim, according to us here at SubStation, and his music fans in the Berkshires, is of legendary status. He plays guitar, sings, and performs frequently throughout the region. We have worked on an album of his original country-influenced songs, which we are in the final stretch of completing, and will be shopped to Nashville and other music-hubs for use in the mainstream realm. 

Tim has played with bands in The Berkshires and beyond for quite some time, including Abe Guthrie's Xavier, and Whiskey City. We are always excited when we get to work with him by helping to produce and record his solo project!

From: Paris, France


Twin Twin took over the studio when they took a break from their 2014 US tour. They are a super talented band that is doing really well in France, with their hit "Mustache". They represented France in the 2014 Eurovision Contest. The group consists of Lorent Idir, François Djemel and Patrick Biyik, and is characterised by a mixture of electro sounds, rock, and slam. Wanting to break away from their polished Pop sound that got them signed to Warner Chapel the boys got back to their punk and slam roots here in the studio. The songs sounded great, like the Chilly Peppers as a Electronic Pop band. Song sample soon!

Song: Linger
From: Brooklyn, NY



Maya Solovey was a 17 year old girl from up the road when she first came to SubStationStudio to record her Debut "Spiritual Fruit", still working under the synonym "Maya Papaya.  A year later, looking to create a more polished, pop sound she returned and asked me to produce and co-write some songs with her. "Dissolving" is the result of that effort. Awards and Mentions for her EP “Dissolving” include:  John Lennon Songwriting Contest, one of three finalists in the Pop category, for her song “I Stand Alone”, Winner of the Pop/Adult Contemporary category in The Great American Song Contest, for her song “Linger”, Billboard Song Contest, Honorable Mentions for “I Stand Alone”, “Dissolving”, and “In Time”.  I still really like these songs and while I appreciate and respect where Maya's musical road is taking her, I secretly wish that she still wanted to make a another pop album with me. She is super talented, playing guitar and piano, speaking Spanish, Portuguese and English. For a while she even spoke with an Australian accent after spending some time down under :-). An eccentric, creative person, Maya does not fit into any mold. She now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Song: Tchotchke
From: The Berkshies, MA



O.G. local heads and longtime friends of ours, Jules Jenssen, Brian Ross, and Sam McGarrity first recorded their debut release "Phrases" with Jackson at SubStation, and they have come back again in 2016 for more. These guys are sure to release a continuous stream of new music and video content. 

Ross Jenssen creates cinematic, futuristic, heavy grooves that play like the score to a crazy dream. In addition to a guitar, bass, and drum power trio holding down the foundation, Ross Jenssen utilizes studio production techniques in a live setting as well as a completely time synced light and video production. The end result is a musically dynamic, audio­-visual experience that embellishes their range of tastes in a style all their own.

Song: Like You
From: Northampton, MA


Written by Celia, produced, engineered and arranged by Robby Baier.

Celia and I recorded her album "Break" in 2003. We co-wrote some of the tunes and I arranged, produced and engineered the record.  Darren Todd (Melodrome, Arlo Guthrie, Xavier) played some bass, Matt Sloan Drums and Bruce Knowlton on acoustic. I love the bowed Mandolin sound I played on "Don't Dance".  The whole experience was really fun an inspiring.  Very proud of this one. Here is what Celia said about the experience: 

"I have to say, even quite willingly, that working with you has indeed been one of my life's highlights. Your intensive style of work, your freedom in music as a player and an inventor, your sense of lyrical melody (very beautiful) and your sensitivity to me in studio- All this is very instructive to me, and everyday fun and the whole experience excellent.
Thank you for listening so carefully and making the project your own. I think your vision was right on (track). You have returned my songs to me in a package of which I am really very proud and excited to spread around.
Thank you so much for all the hard work. I am also grateful that I was able to know you better and enjoy your calm spirit, your sensibility, and your loving ways that you put out to others. I think you rock! So put that in your pipe..."

Song: Why Would They Want Us
From: Brooklyn, NY


Eastern Midwestern rolled into the studio thanks to Jesko Stahl of UNOINO MUSIC. This Brooklyn, NY based rock band spent 3 days recording the entire record pretty much live. This is the title track of of their album release Zenith. In the first picture above you can see Zach Pollakoff man handling our reverb tank!

Song: Oh Muriel
From: Brookly and Ghent, NY


The Top consisted of Clemens Knieper, Dan Stern, Josh Hahn and Aaron Green. These four Bard College kids had moved to Brooklyn all together to keep the band going after school. Clemens is the main writer of the band and him and I have known each other ever since he moved in with my mom back when he was 15. When it was time for them to record their record they came by the studo where they fell in love with our Ampex 440B 4 track 1/2 inch recorder. We recorded the entire record on the 4 track, mixing onto another tape deck.  No computer! It was great to make such an analog record. It took 1 month to rehearse and perform the tracks. The guys lived in the studio and pretty much took over the whole place. They even recorded a German song written by Jürgen Knieper, Clemens's dad, and Michael Baier, my dad, called "Kann Sein". This is some of the coolest stuff I ever recorded here. Too bad that the record never came out! It will be one of those records that comes out 20 years later and everyone will go: "Where has that been all my life?". 


Song: JNTHN STEIN - Spell (feat. Jackson Whalan & Carmen Crow)
From: Oneonta, NY - Based in California



Mama Crow came to SubStation as a result of collaborating on songs with Jackson Whalan. She recorded her acoustic-hip-hop single "Indigo" here. Mama C is a bad ass woman who cares about the world becoming a better place for all generations to come. Through music, art dance, activism, and community building, this artist is here to make a positive difference through her message and actions. She has worked with/collaborated/opened for artists like Rising Appalachia, Karsh Kale (Tabla Beat Science), Killah Priest (Wu-Tang), Helena (Warner Bros) and many more. Hear the crow caw!

Song: Kaieri Niionkwetake (4_Beings)
From: Akwesasne, NY



Bear Fox and Robby Baier started working together during the filming of Katja Esson’s Documentary “Skdancer”.   Bear Fox was one of the protagonists in the film and Robby went up to the Akwesasne Indian Reservation in Northern NY to record some of Bear’s songs for the film.  After that initial session Bear wanted to record a new album and so Robby went to her house in Akwesasne and the whole record was recorded there.  “Rich Girl” went on to win “Best Debut” at the Native American Music Awards (NAMA) in 2011.  Several years later Bear recorded her follow up album “Diamond” at SubStation Studio.  In 2014 “Diamond” won again at the NAMAs, this time for “Best Singer Songwriter”.   
Bear is a sweet soul who is passionate about native language and customs and is a pillar in her family and community.  Her honesty and purity shine through in her simple folk songs.  We look forward to the next record!!

Song: Hold Me Now
From: Berkshires, MA


Billy Keane and the Misdemeanor Outlaws took over the art space upstairs in the studio and played the entire album live. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and his character really shines through on his folky/country/Irish sounding tunes. Billy lives in our neck of the woods and he draws a dedicated crowd wherever he plays.  

Song: Ransacked
From: Millerton, NY & Allston, MA



lespecial, fellow brethren based in the northeast U.S., came to SubStation to record their single "Ransacked" in 2014.

Born in the woods of Connecticut and raised in the wilds of Boston, lespecial has established themselves as innovators and tastemakers on their own unique trajectory. The aggressive death-funk dance trio explodes with energetic live sets, tapping into a primitive past distorted through the lense of contemporary technology. Coming off the release of their second EP, Ceremony, preceded by Playonbrother Sessions (2011), Jonathan Grusauskas (guitar/keys/trumpet), Luke Bemand (bass guitar) and Rory Dolan (drums) ignore convention, instead amalgamating the familiar styles of Afro-Latin rhythmic traditions, Hip Hop, Funk and Metal into a singular sound that dexterously transforms during their live sets and over the course of their studio albums. As Ben Weiss of Relix Magazine puts it, “Amidst the rest of the noise, lespecial is the squeaky wheel that demands attention.”

Our man Jackson is good friends and has collaborated as a guest rapper with lespecial on stage on many occasions. 

Song: You and I
From: Amherst, MA



In late 2015 Mamma's Marmalade came stomping into SubStation and recorded three tracks with us live, including video footage. Quite the gang, they lit up the studio with awesome energy and brought some real mountain music into the station. Lily Sexton (fiddle and vocals) grew up here in the The Berkshires. The vibrant group equates to a string band that plays across genres incorporating bluegrass, funk, blues, and folk into unique covers and original tunes.

"We stand for all that is good, and do not stand for things that are not good."

"One time in the Pioneer Valley we all decided we liked to make the sing songs with twanging and a lot of harmonies. We collected each other together, and started to play shows around the Valley."

Song: What's The Point
From: Portland ME



Graham Isaacson came to the studio with song fragments and then the two of us finished the songs together. The whole album was recorded in just 9 days, hence the title of the initial release "Nine Days". The record was picked up by Sinister Muse Records and Graham had a great run with it, even garnering compliments from Ray La Montagne. Conor Mehan on drums, John Suters on upright bass, Pete Adams on Pedal Steel. I play Fender Rhodes and Acoustic guitar. In 2015 "What's The Point" and Robby Baier's song "Room in my Chevy" sung by Graham were licensed for the film "Happy Hour".

Years later I went on tour with Graham, backing him up on electric "vibe" guitar for his Guy Davis support. The goofy car shot above is from the tour. Miss ya Graham!


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